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Same Day Heating Repair Service


Your home’s heater works hard to keep your house at the ideal temperature during The Sacramento Valley’s coldest months. Long-term use and lack of maintenance can, and eventually will, create wear and tear on the unit itself or even the ventilation system. When your heating system becomes starts costing you more money to run it and more money in repairs, it may be time for a new unit. Most furnaces last between 10 and 20 years; if yours falls into this range, you should have your heater inspected annually, before it gets too cold outside, to ensure proper function.

Heat Pump Repair/Replacement

Heat pump replacement and other furnace repair are critical when it comes to keeping your building comfortable. Heat pumps aren’t the only component or part of your heating system that needs to be replaced over time. A mistake with either process could be absolutely devastating. Unfortunately, both of these procedures on your home’s furnace / heater can be complicated and are far too difficult for even the more handy homeowners. Call your certified technician at ROYAL BREEZE $59 Home Services to make sure your heater pump replacement is done right!

How to Prevent Costly Heating Expenses

Even though Sacramento Valley’s cold weather is limited to short and mild winters, it’s still important to make sure your furnace and heating pumps are working efficiently and in top-condition. During winters in the Greater Sacramento Area, temperatures can fall to the low 40s. This requires your heating unit to work consistently to sustain the comfort of your home. Maintaining the performance of your unit can help prevent breakdowns and costly repairs. ACE’s certified technicians will perform a 20 Plus-Point Furnace inspection, giving you an honest evaluation and fair recommendation.

Our certified and experienced staff can help ensure the performance of your unit, keeping your home comfortable. Schedule a tune-up for your furnace or heating pump before it’s too late! Our superior services can help prevent breakdowns and save you from costly repairs!

Every furnace has a lifespan, in which they become worn down over time due to high usage and situational strain. In some instances, your blower motor may give out, leaving you without a functioning furnace. When this happens, most homeowners first thought is “how much is this furnace replacement cost going to set me back?”

Costs are Based On Two Main Factors

When it comes to how much does it cost to replace a furnace blower motor, there are two main factors. Costs can vary based on severity of the issue, installation fees, Carrier warranty and more. The motor itself only costs $65-$110, but you will most likely end up paying more than this. This article will help break down the cost factors to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay to replace your Carrier furnace motor. Homeowners are unaware that this component of their furnace even exists. Your blower motor is strictly responsible for directing warm air from your furnace to your home. Most motors need to be oiled every year by a certified technician.

Calculating the Costs

There are many things that could be wrong with your heating unit, which is why it’s important to hire an experienced and professional serviceman. There are many components to a furnace, which is why you want to ensure that someone who is trained and certified to work on furnaces is able to provide effective service. This will add to your total HVAC motor replacement cost, but it ensures that the job will get done right without compromising the performance of the other components of your furnace.

In addition to the company fees of the technicians you have contracted for the job, you will need to factor in the cost of parts. In some cases, your blower motor will be covered by warranty. Be sure to check before you hire a serviceman. On average, a blower motor replacement costs $150-$500. If your furnace needs a new squirrel cage fan, also known as a blower wheel, then you can expect to pay a bit more, about $250-$600 total. Don’t worry, we offer financing!

Getting Professional HVAC Help

If you are are having issues with your Carrier blower motor, then it’s time to call a company you can trust. Our experienced and certified heating technicians will come to your home, examine your furnace, and perform a furnace blower motor replacement at a great price. Available to you when you need us the most.