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Sacramento heating and air conditioning services play a vital role in the community. With summer temperatures breaching 90 degrees and winter temperatures as low as 17 degrees Fahrenheit, Royal Breeze Heating & Air Repair is here to keep you comfortable and safe.

Lifespan of My Furnace and Air Conditioner

You may take your air conditioning unit and furnace for granted but they do wear out over time. These units, although crucial to comfort and safety in a heat wave or cold snap, have a limited lifespan. This lifespan is better than for a car or truck though.

Furnaces and air conditioners tend to last between 15 and 30 years before needing replacement. Low end models may fail at ten years while sturdier brands can make it to 40 years or more if regulations permit. You can no longer purchase freon in the United States.

How are my AC and Furnace Linked?

The lifespan of your furnace and AC are intricately linked. Unless you own a specialized mini-split system for small spaces,  a central or fixed air conditioner may actually use your furnace to pump air evenly throughout your home.

This means that they wear and tear at a relatively similar rate. The condenser coil, the component attached to your furnace, tends to rust and can impact the rest of your system if not cared for.

Heating and Air Services

With such an intricate system to maintain, you need an HVAC professional to properly care for your vital heating and cooling equipment. From the line running from your outdoor hardware to your indoor hardware, fluids, coils, motors, fuses, and fans, anything can go wrong.

Quality professionals quickly assess your system and find the root of the problem. We have the tools and knowledge required to make the right repair without creating more cost. There is nothing worse than spending money where it is not needed.

Around the Clock Heating and Cooling Care

Royal Breeze goes a step beyond the average HVAC company with around the clock same day service as available. We strive to provide the best and fastest service possible to keep you happy, healthy, and productive.

There is no reason to spend a night in an eighty or ninety degree home. A heat index over 90 degrees Fahrenheit requires immediate attention.

Repair and Replacement Specials

While it may seem expensive, waiting to repair or replace your unit is not just critical for your health but is also costly. The cost of units and parts continues to increase with an average rise of 10 percent every few months in the first half of 2022.

Royal Breeze Heating & Air Repair wants to ensure that you can afford to run your system. We constantly have deals on new units and service calls.

Sacramento Heating and Air

Do not wait to replace or repair your unit. Get the help of a Sacramento heating and air shop today.

With around the clock care and many deals, Royal Breeze Heating & Air Repair can keep your temperature in the zone. Get in touch today.