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California, the land of sunshine and, in the summer months, heat practically requires residents to have an air conditioning unit. Royal Breeze Air is a full service shop for air conditioning in Sacramento with same day service available nearly around the clock.

Do I need an air conditioning in Sacramento?

Sacramento may not be near Mexico but that does not mean that our summers are not hot. The average summer temperature ranges from 89 degrees Fahrenheit in June to 94 degrees Fahrenheit in July with very little reprieve in August and the first half of September.

To stay comfortable, residents typically run their air conditioning units between three and eight hours per day, taking advantage of a cooler night breeze to cut costs. That still places a significant amount of wear and tear on your unit.

Cost of an Air Conditioner

With rapid inflation, the cost of staying cool continues to climb. Beating the heat, even if for a few hours per day, will require more money each month. Costs climbed at an average rate of nearly ten percent every few months in the first half of 2022.

Expect to pay between $5000 and $8000 for a small unit capable of cooling up to 1200 square feet. That includes installation as well as the unit itself. At such a cost it may be wiser to consider a repair. We offer both services.

Repair versus Replacing an Air Conditioner

While you want your unit to last, the typical lifespan is between 15 and 30 years. Sturdier brands such as Trane have a lifespan that can exceed 40 years although you will need to replace parts prone to rusting. Of course, regulations may limit the life of your appliance.

Consider purchasing a replacement or new unit if:

  • You are uncomfortable and do not own a fixed unit
  • You are using a portable air conditioner and own your condo, townhome, or house
  • Own a unit that still uses freon as the coolant is no longer sold
  • You are facing a repair that costs more than 50 percent of what a new unit costs

Major repairs only last for so long as the unit’s lifespan is typically already significantly depleted. Portable air conditioners cost much more to run than a fixed unit, eating as much as 40 kilowatt hours per day at a cost of between 13.8 and 19 cents per hour.

Cost to Run a Fixed Unit AC

If you are running a portable air conditioner, you will notice a significant reduction in the cost of utilities when using a fixed unit. A fixed or central air conditioner, not a window unit, typically runs on half the amount of power as a portable unit as it connects to your ductwork.

The total cost to run the unit is half as much as a comparable mobile or window unit as well. You can expect to use an average of 20 kilowatt hours per day compared to 40. Portable air conditioners only last between five and ten years as well.

Shop for Air Conditioning in Sacramento

If you are in the market for repairs or are looking for a new solution, Royal Breeze Heating & Air can help you decide what will work best for your home. Nothing is worse than finding that your new unit covers a fraction of your home.

Get in touch with us today. We are available around the clock and constantly run promotions.