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Regular maintenance of the HVAC tune-up goes a long way to prevent breakdowns and help with tuning up the overall performance. Besides the usual cleaning and repairs, you need a tune-up that will make it more comfortable, reduce operational costs, and improve the comprehensive cleaning process.

Things Involved In The HVAC Tune-Up

HVAC uses a lot of energy, and you must maintain it so that it uses minimal energy and is safer because it emits less Carbon dioxide. Some of the things included in the tune-up service include:

  • Cleaning the burners
  • Inspecting filters
  • Adjusting the temperature and pressure
  • Checking and repairing the ductwork
  • Tightening electrical connections
  • Flushing the drain
  • Applying emergency remedies

How The HVAC Tune-Up Fixes Common Problems

HVAC systems have many problems, and regular servicing will remove minor issues and prevent major complications. Some of the problems that tune-ups work on include:

  • Internal fuses
  • Ignition system
  • Thermostat
  • Water pipes
  • Heat exchanger

Our professional HVAC repair and maintenance services provide comprehensive care for it to operate correctly and safely. We offer a sequence of operational checks for all moving components, review the electrical connections and inspect all small details like the capacitor and contractors to ensure the processes are working excellently.

Frequency Of Servicing The HVAC

How many times should you service the HVAC in one year? The general recommendation is at least once yearly, despite the type of HVAC you use. The best-performing ones will be more energy efficient when they have regular servicing to look at all the heating and cooling functions. We recommend you contract one professional for all the repairs and maintenance works because they will have a fine idea of everything you must do to keep the system up and running. Here is a more specific timelines for repairing and fixing the AC:

  • Change the filter at least every month.
  • The thermostat batteries should be switched every six months
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors and check them every month to determine if they need to be changed

Preventive maintenance will not wait for problems to appear because it is about upgrading the system for more energy and better performance when it does not have apparent complications.

Preventive AC Maintenance Service By Cleaning 

Basic HVAC system cleaning on both its outdoor and indoor areas will significantly improve the airflow and eliminate dust. You can do things to clean the unit by yourself, but we do not recommend you do anything that requires interfering with the electrical connection or sensors. A professional will clean everything from the surrounding debris on the unit to the filter compartments and cooling systems.

The Cost Of HVAC Professional AC Repair Services And Tune Ups

How much should a tune-up cost? Professional services are relatively affordable and usually a significant investment in the long run. You can get a tune-up service for less than $200, which will go a long way to save you from all the money you would have spent on major repairs and replacements.

Are you looking to fix a broken AC unit or get other AC repair and replacement services? Contact us at (916) 596-1560 to get started with a consultation on our local AC tune-up in Sacramento service.