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$59 Same Day Service

Always call on Royal Breeze Heating & Air Repair for an AC repair in Sacramento. Our professional troubleshooting services will save you money and prevent the early replacement of your air conditioner. If you’re dealing with performance or efficiency problems, get in touch with us today by calling 916-596-1560. We can offer same-day service at a very affordable price if you need immediate repairs; on weekdays, our same-day repair service costs just $59 while on weekends, it’s just $98.

5 Signs It’s Time To Repair An AC

1. If you’ve noticed the temperature inside of your home is not as comfortable as it once was, your air conditioner is probably struggling to maintain your desired environment. Dirty filters could be the cause of the issue, or a broken part or component may need to be replaced. The best course of action is to contact one of our technicians for professional AC repair services. Don’t wait until a minor issue turns into a more costly and complicated problem; call Royal Breeze Heating & Air Repair today.

2. Warm air coming from your air conditioning unit is a clear sign that something’s not right. If you’ve tried adjusting the temperature control or thermostat of your AC without any improvement, there’s a quick and easy way to have an expert restore service. At Royal Breeze Heating & Air Repair, we can provide both AC repair and replacement services, depending on what we find while troubleshooting your system. Rest easy knowing that we’ll never try to upsell services that you don’t need.

3. The smell of mold coming from your AC requires immediate attention by an HVAC specialist to rule out the possibility that black mold is growing in your ductwork or system. If you’ve noticed a strange odor when you first turn on your air conditioner, get with our technicians to schedule an AC maintenance service or a thorough inspection.

4. An increase in your energy bill during the cooling months is an indication that your AC is operating inefficiently. Let our professionals fix a broken AC unit that’s draining your monthly finances. We’ll get to the heart of any problem quickly, provide a thorough report of our findings, and offer a professional recommendation on whether to repair or replace your system.

5. Is your AC system more than 10 years old? It still may have a lot of life in it unless you’ve been ignoring minor problems, in which case, you may need a replacement for your air conditioner. Only a professional can determine whether it’s time to retire an older AC and invest in a new, efficient model. Feel free to contact Royal Breeze Heating & Air Repair for local AC service.

Schedule same-day service by calling our office now at 916-596-1560. We know how difficult it is to find a reliable AC repair in Sacramento; we won’t ask you to wait by the phone or promise to show up and fail to arrive. For emergency service with a fast response time, get in touch with us today.