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Royal Breeze Heating & Air Repair offers the best AC repair in Sacramento, CA, at affordable prices. We have a 4.3-star rating on Google from several customers, making us one of the highly sought-after, experienced, reliable, and professional AC repair services providers in Sacramento. Consider the following steps when cleaning an AC:

  • Turn Off The Power Source And Lift The Front Panel

Surround your appliance with a cleaning bag or an empty trash bag instead of a specialty cleaning bag. Go to the power source in your home and turn off the power to your AC. Open the front panel by undoing the latches. Lift it to access the inside of the unit. As most machines have indoor and outdoor components, ensure that the power to the entire cooling system is off while you are working to prevent any incidents.

  • Remove The Air Filters From Your AC

The long rectangular piece you see at the front of the appliance is the air filter. You can find a tab along the side of each air filter that helps loosen and remove it from its place. Wash them under running water and use a sponge to rub a mild cleaning detergent. Rinse them off and set them aside to dry.

  • Clean The Cooling Fins

You can use your air blower to release the dust from the back of your AC. Add a thin canister attachment to your air blower and blow over the entire surface area of the cooling fins.

  • Clean The Coils 

Buy a can of no-rinse evaporator cleaner and apply it to the AC coils. Leave the product to sit on the coil for at least 20 minutes. These coils will look round, and you can find them running across the center of the indoor unit. After cleaning the coils, spray antifungal cleaner onto them to prevent mold infestation. You also want to spray the antifungal cleaner on the back of your air conditioner to prevent toxins from growing in your appliance. Wait for at least 5 minutes after spraying the antifungal spray before you put the air filters back.

  • Turn Your Split AC Back On

Once you fix the filters, make sure everything is working. Switch the electricity supply to your AC unit. Once the power is up and running, check your AC to see if you can feel the cold air. You can now enjoy refreshing and clean air from your cooling system. 

In-depth AC cleaning will require professional equipment, cleaning supplies, and the expertise of an AC repair and replacement technician. Besides, calling an AC maintenance service provider can help you fix a broken AC unit alongside regular maintenance services. 

One wrong move can cause extensive and sometimes irreversible damage to your AC unit. Call a professional Local AC service to handle the cleaning and maintenance of your cooling system. Call 916-596-1560 to hire us for AC repair in Sacramento, CA. Royal Breeze Heating & Air Repair can save you time and money and increase your heating and cooling device’s life span.